Procedures for obtaining work residence


What is the procedure for applying for work in Sweden?
When you have an employment contract with a company in Sweden, the work visa issuance transaction begins with the company you have contracted with. The company must first have announced this job at the Swedish Labor Office, as a prerequisite for granting work permits in Sweden. Retirement, etc.

After contracting with the company, the company initiates the residency transaction electronically through the Swedish Immigration Service website. A form that the employer sends with the job offer to the competent union to certify that this offer is consistent with the salary rates for this job in Sweden.

Then the employer relationship with the Immigration Department will end and your turn will come. If you want to take your family with you, you can mention this so that the system opens new boxes for them to be treated as part of your transaction.

Once you have filled out all the information and attached all the documents, the system will ask you to pay the specified fees with your credit card, so that you have completed your application.

The Immigration Service takes some time to process your application, ranging from a month or two to up to a year if there are lots of transactions with the Immigration Service.

When the decision to grant you a residence permit is issued, you will be notified, and you will be directed to the Embassy of Sweden in your country to take your photo and take your fingerprints.In two weeks, your residence card will arrive at the embassy and you will receive it from there (along with your family members cards if you have provided them with you).

Do I need a Schengen visa to travel to Sweden?
If you have obtained a work permit, it will be your entry permit to Sweden, and you do not need to issue a Schengen visa.

How long will my work stay be?
The duration of your stay is usually two years, provided that your employment contract is two years or more, and your passport is valid for two or more years.

If you have a one-year employment contract, your stay will be for one year only. If you have a contract of employment for more than two years, or a permanent contract, but your passport expires after a year and eight months, for example, the expiration date of your residence card will be the expiration date of your passport.

Can I renew my residence permit after that while in Sweden?

Of course, you can, provided that you submit the residency renewal treatment to the Immigration Service before the end of your current stay.

If your current stay has expired and your residence renewal treatment is still pending and the Immigration Service has not made a decision, you can stay in Sweden and continue to work legally.

If your stay expires and you are then given a renewal of the residence permit, you may have to leave Sweden and wait for the decision of the Immigration Service on the renewal so that you can then return to Sweden.

Will I continue my residency transactions forever?

No, depending on the system you are entitled to permanent residence after four years, and permanent residence means that you will not have to enter into renewal transactions afterwards.

After I come to Sweden and work, are there certain systems I should pay attention to?

Some of those who receive work permits make mistakes that may result in the non-renewal of their work visas afterwards and their departure from Sweden.

One of these errors is the instability of the monthly salary according to the contract concluded with the company.If you have contracted with a company for a certain salary, the Immigration Department assumes your commitment to work with them regularly and you get your salary on a regular basis, but sometimes there may be a disturbance in the salary, such as the employee takes many leaves Without a salary in the belief that he is entitled to it, but these leave means his monthly income reduced in some months, and when it comes to renew the residence may be the reason for non-renewal of the residence, and if it fell further to less than 13 thousand crowns in one month, these It is a violation other than the first, and exposes you to more difficulties in finding D accommodation.

Can I change my job or job?

When you come to Sweden and join your job, the system states that you cannot change your place of work, or your profession, for two years from the date you obtained your residence permit.

After that, you can change your employer and work for another company, provided that you have the same job title as you came up for, for another two years, with the requirement to notify the Immigration Service of your change of work.

If you want to change your work in the first two years, or work in another profession during these four years, you must submit a new work visa to the Immigration Service as you did when you first applied for work in Sweden.

After four years you have obtained permanent residence, and then you can change your work and profession as you like.

Will I get permanent residence automatically after 4 years?

To obtain permanent residence, you must provide a renewal of residence permit.

The renewal treatment here is very similar to your previous residence renewal, but there are other requirements for renewal of permanent residence.

One of these requirements is that the house you live in is suitable for the size of your family, a family of a father, mother and two children must be their home consists of at least two rooms and a lounge, and so on.

One of these requirements is that the remaining salary after paying the income tax and the rent of the house fits the number of your family members. Less, 2940 per child older than six years.

I heard that there are those who face problems in renewal because of the employer, how?

According to the system, when employing a person, the employer must pay for many types of insurance and pensions, which unfortunately are not normally seen by the employee.If the employer fails to do so, this exposes the employee to refusing to renew his residency treatment when it is due.

Therefore, the employee must assure the employer of the obligation to do so or risk exposing him to non-renewal.

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