Netherlands 2019: Unemployment aid in the Netherlands


This support can be obtained, for people who have come to the Netherlands with a work visa, or the reason for their stay in the Netherlands is to work

Who can get unemployment benefits in the Netherlands?

Expatriates – legal residents – can get benefits.

If you lose your job, you must have worked 26 weeks out of 36 then you are eligible for a three-month unemployment allowance (de wekeneis, not full salary)

To extend the three-month period, it depends on how many years you have worked before.

If you are not responsible for losing your job, for example, your employer has fired you and other workers. This means that you cannot quit your job and get an unemployment allowance in the Netherlands.

 The site can be accessed here

How much will I get from the unemployment allowance in the Netherlands?

Your benefits will be 75% of your daily wage, only in the first two months. After this period your benefits will drop to 70%. Money will be paid to you every 4 weeks. You will also receive a leave allowance.

That means if your salary is two thousand euros a month, you will get the first two months to 1500 euros, then you will get 1400 euros.

How long can I get unemployment allowance?

You can get unemployment allowance for only 3 months (if you work 26 weeks out of 36 weeks).

However, the collection of unemployment allowance is not fixed. The government is now reducing the number of months in which you can collect unemployment allowance in the Netherlands step by step, and will be only 24 months in 2019.

What are the conditions for receiving unemployment benefit in the Netherlands?

you have to:

Register as a job seeker at UWV (need DigiD)

To look for and apply for companies to work.

Complete the required tasks in “werkmap”

Write the application for unemployment benefits correctly

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