Find out about the most important conditions and procedures related to working in the Netherlands for 2020


Working in the Netherlands… The Netherlands is one of the European countries distinguished in terms of living as well as in terms of the economic level of the individuals who reside in it, whether they are Dutch citizens or foreigners.

The privileges that this country provides to its residents on its territory of job opportunities, rights and good salaries, entice many people to emigrate to it

However, in order to immigrate to and work in the Netherlands, a number of conditions are required

These conditions are the subject of our article for today, where we will talk about all the conditions and procedures necessary to work in the Netherlands.

In order to work in the Netherlands, you must obtain a prior employment contract:
As in all European countries in order to emigrate to it by work, you must have a contract of employment that proves that you will be employed by you upon arrival in the Netherlands.

Someone will say how can I get a contract in the Netherlands?

There are a range of ways in which you can get a job contract in the Netherlands

For example, you can rely on friends, family or online by communicating with a company that works in the field where you want to work in the Netherlands.

We will provide you with a range of links to find a job in the Netherlands

Dutch -work site
The site website
The need for a vacancy
Working in the Netherlands requires a vacant position in a Dutch company.

In other words, if there are Dutch citizens, you will not be able to get an employment contract with one or more companies.

The employer must publish on the employment sites that he needs an employee.

If a person has a work contract in the Netherlands, what are the documents necessary to complete the procedures?

Documents necessary to work in the Netherlands
In order to complete the procedures, the following documents are required:

Two photographs
Medical file
job contract
Record of precedents
Payment of visa fees
These documents can vary from country to country, but not significantly.

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