Black Friday biggest discount 2019


I started talking about “Black Friday” dominate social networking sites, with increasing competition from international brands and Egyptian and supermarkets to offer offers and discounts of up to 70% on various products, including smart phones, clothing, fashion, cosmetics and all electrical appliances.

The annual event, which is expected by millions in different countries, began in the United States of America in 1869, and is currently organized in a large number of European countries and the Middle East.

The main reason for the emergence of “black Friday” due to the crisis experienced by the United States for decades, as it went through difficult economic conditions, which led to stagnation in the movement of markets and stop the movement of buying and selling, which forced the owners of shops and goods to sell their goods less than the price With the passage of days, traders used to offer major discounts on their goods on this day every year to remember this crisis.

Since that time, black Friday has become a day waiting for millions of online shopping lovers. The Arab consumer awaits this day every year.

Black Friday comes at a different time each year, it comes on the day after Thanksgiving, has been announced for this year to be tomorrow, Friday, November 23, and will participate most of the electronic stores and global bonds on Black Friday, including the site Amazon, Jumia, and others.

The location where the discount is located

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