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Including India , according to the division in 2011, 29 states and 7 regions of the Union, and this division identified by the language of the majority of the population in each region, and states of India: Delhi state, and where the national capital of India, a New Delhi , and the state of Maharashtra, and West Bengal state, and the state of Karnataka, Kerala State. Since each state has its capital, the capital city of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram, [1] a state characterized by its achievements in health, social justice, law and order, as well as in education, although it has the highest illiteracy rate in India and has the lowest infant mortality rate In India, as well as a distinctive cultural heritage, a long history of art and trade relations with other countries. [2]
The natural beauty of Kerala lies in the southwestern coast of Malabar, India. It is bordered by two states: Karnata, Tamil Nadu, and the Sea of ​​Maldives, with 14 provinces , with an area of ​​38,863 square kilometers. [3]
Kerala is home to 3% of India’s population, making it 13th in terms of population in India, with a population of 35 million in 2019. However, the population density in the coastal areas is more than the density in the mountains, the eastern hills However, Kerala has a low fertility rate, compared to a steady death rate, with a population increase of 4.9% in 2011 and expected to become zero in 25 years. [4] Most of Kerala’s population is descended from the early Indian population, who came to the Indian subcontinent during 2000 and 1500 BC. They are called Malaysians, Malayalam speakers and a minority of Tamils. The religion of Hinduism is the basic religion in the state of Kerala, but a quarter of the population Aantqon Islam, the remaining five converts to Christianity, and there are also minorities of Sikhs, Buddhism, Judaism , and the perpetrator. [5] Nature The nature of the state of Kerala varies between high mountains and coastal plains, with the highest peak on the Indian Peninsula, the Ani-Peak peak. The state of Kerala is called Venice in India because of the series of lakes, waters and rivers. The most famous of these rivers are the Bunani, Periar, Chalakodi and Bamba, all of which flow into the Arabian River. [6] There are also a number of rainforests, tropical and coconut palm groves . [7] Rainfall in Kerala averaged 3,000 mm per year, and in July-September, the state is subject to seasonal south-western winds, as well as from October to November, seasonal monsoon winds, Eastern. Climate changes in the state during the year range from 20 ° C to 27 ° C, or 32 ° C. [8] This climate has affected the nature of wildlife in them, with the spread of sambars, wild goats , tigers , elephants, monkeys, cobra, peacocks and other animals. [7]
Many civilizations followed Kerala. The city’s archaeological sites refer to an era in which people lived between the 10th century BC and the 5th century AD, namely the Stone Age and the Iron Age. It is the most famous tribe that ruled Kerala, the tribe of Cheras, which had business relations with the Romans. [9] The domination of this tribe declined, and foreign domination began in the fourteenth century. The governors of Iran were relocated in the coastal Kozhikode sector. During this period, the state witnessed commercial activity with Arab merchants, and religious tolerance prevailed over all communities. [10] In 1908, the Congolese Commission was formed. [11] The conflict then began to establish a responsible government between 1938 and 1939, [12] and the events followed until November 1, 1956, when the new state of Kerala was formally inaugurated. [13]
Kerala is a destination for many tourists around the world. It is famous for its therapeutic tourism , which treats heart, skin, nervous and digestive diseases through many centers of Ayurveda, centers that offer natural treatments such as yoga , meditation and massage. It has many natural places, such as the beaches of Kovalam, Albuza, Monar and Fajmon hills, as well as many waterfalls and temples. [14]

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