How to teach your dog to obey

Execute commands -1
The problem of not listening to the dog’s orders is one of the most disturbing. Therefore, the dog’s keeper must know the ways and means to make him communicate clearly with his dog. This is why it is advisable to understand how to learn. Some dogs learn through the effects of their behavior. If the dog behaves well, and is rewarded with a prize such as serving, playing with toys, or wiping on his head, he will do so several times, because he has grasped the idea that this is a good thing, and that he behaves badly. 
Use string and cue -2
Every dog needs to learn to walk, with the help of its owner by placing a smooth or tight knot around its neck in order to maintain its own safety and to observe safety rules and rules. ]
Use the house allocated to him -3
The dog is encouraged to accept living in its own place. This process helps the dog to have a private home, adapt to live in it, and prefer to keep the dog clean and not to urinate around the house. To locate a special place to urinate. [2]
Teach the dog to listen -4
There are many ways in which a dog learns to listen to orders, including: [3] preparing meals as a reward for him if he responds to orders given to him. Following a sign or word when teaching the dog symbolizes the steadiness of its position when heard. The word “stay” can be said with the opening of the hand in front of the face, in order to be taken as a matter to be answered by the dog. Stand in front of the dog and ordered him to sit down. Stand in front of the dog and order him to stop, and if he responds to the matter, prefer to say words encouraging him, or by training him.
Method of punishment -5
The punishment is preferred if the dog does not respond to the orders, but the punishment method is not only based on beatings and intimidation, but on the idea that if the dog is not doing well, , A person can not exchange greetings by sitting and ignoring him. [4]

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