Benefits of Dog Acquisition

Fight allergies -1
Studies have found that children living with pets at home, whether cat or dog, are at risk of allergies, asthma is lower, and in one study on a baby who lives in their home a dog, found that these infants are sensitive to pets by 19% compared to 30% of children who do not live with a dog at home and the risk of having eczema was lower, because children when exposed to allergens in dogs, will enjoy a stronger immune system. 
Continuous activity -2
The game of throwing and bringing the ball is one of the most preferred games of the dog, so it will not be surprising that one of the benefits of the dog is the continuing movement of the owner, whether for the sake of taking a walk, or to practice, studies have shown that children, and adults who buy a dog, Take longer to do physical activities, compared with those who do not acquire dogs. [2]
Improving social life -3
Going to walk with your dog may make your life more social. People like to stop, talk to people who buy dogs, so it may be good 
to go to the park and get things done with the dog. [3]
feeling safe -4
Studies have shown that dog barking prevents burglars from approaching the house. Just knowing that there is a dog around the house, can use his sharp sense of hearing to detect any stranger approaching the house, which helps greatly increase the homeowner’s sense of safety. [3]

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